Coo-RackⅡ Product Overview  - Rack-integrated Cooling System -

 Coolack 2 is an integrated product of a 19-inch rack and an air conditioner. You can store it smartly, when your server equipment is reduced [ex) Corporate relocation, Migration to data center].In addition, Coo-Rack II can build server environment to factory and warehouse environment because the air circulation is almost closed.

  • Cooling capacity of 2300 W

  • 24x365 operation

  • Small Noise(51dB|50Hz Area、49dB|60Hz Area)

  • No electrical work required * Use for general AC100 V power plug

  • Selectable color (White gray, black)

Coo-RackⅡ Specifications

※1 Ambient temperature 35 ° C, Humidity 80% or less, Hold in rack below 35 ° C

Customer Case Study

■ ​Medical office

  • Voice of Customers

 I was planning to relocate the server room. We needed new air conditioning that could operate 24/7 because the air conditioning of the next building will stop at night.

 We were able to achieve cooling independent of building air conditioning by using Coo-Rack II.

  • Density

    •   About 2.2 kW/Rack​

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