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 DC ASIA provide its customers with wide range of cooling solution. We focus on both "server room cooling solution for smaller space" and "high density (HPC) cooling system".  

How to optimize cooling system?

In a very simple way, proper air conditioning in the server room is "appropriately removing the total amount of heat generated by IT equipment such as servers". In other words, if you have an air conditioning function such as an air conditioner that removes even the amount of heat generated, the system will operate without problems.There are many system administrators who are asking "How many times is the server room setting temperature good?", But when thinking about air conditioning, it has a very important meaning to the question "How much heat does the server room generate?".

If the calorific value can not be determined properly, various problems will occur. If you focus only on temperature, you may spend money using cooling capacity more than heating value, or it may lead to room temperature rise due to lack of cooling capacity.

When designing an air conditioning system, you have to select a practical system in consideration of future update plans, budgets, efficiency, and various other aspects. At DC ASIA, we are not tied to a manufacturer, and we can offer flexible proposals tailored to customer needs, such as calorific value and balance with existing equipment. 

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FAQs around Cooling System

What is the preferred temperature for the server room?

ASHRAE TC9.9 2016, one of the authoritative guidelines regarding HVAC, mentions that server room should keep its temperature 18℃ ~ 27℃. Though it depends on which cooling system you may choose, higher temperature is better to cut the cooling cost. 

What is Heat Load?

A building or room gains heat from many sources. Inside occupants, computers, copiers, machinery, and lighting all produce heat. The sum of all these heat sources is know as the heat load (or heat gain) , and is expressed either in BTU (British Thermal Units) or Kw (Kilowatts).

How to calculate the total heat load in server room?

You can calculate the total heat load from IT Equipment BTU, Lightning BTU,  Facility Equipment BTU and so on. When you plan the cooling system, it is inevitable to calculate the total heat load in server room so that you can choose the best solution.

Server room temperature become higher but we don't know the specific reason,,,

Cooling equipment may degrades over time. Seasons transitions can be one of the reasons. Or your server room may be poorly ventilated. There are many factors affect room temperature, please feel free to ask us.

There is no enough budget to replace the cooling unit.

You don't have to spend a lot of money from the beginning, it is possible to improve the condition with small cost. For example, some of our customers improve their cooling condition just using Blank Panels (to separate hot air and cold air)  The point is to figure out which solution can meet your demand.


From small computing room to HPC system.

Design / Consulting

We choose the best solution for our customer by identifying the amount of heat load from the load power of servers, network equipment and so on.

Procurement / Installation

We will find cooling solution from all over the world which meets the customer demand and support building the system. 

 - Product procurement

 - System installation 

 - Startup support 

 - Commissioning support

Support / Maintenance

Provide maintenance service for customers using our system. We will provide both regular maintenance and technical support. Please feel free to ask any request. 

Research Institution


  • Solution

  • Cooling Capacity

    • Up to 75kW per rack

  • Eco Energy

    • e.g. Using groundwater 

  • Provide as OEM solution

Medical Institution

  • Solution

  • Cooling Capacity

    •   2.2 kW per rack

  • Customer's voice

    • "We need the stand-alone cooling unit because packaged air conditioning stop working at night due to building management. The new system solved this issue and create comfortable space for IT equipment ." 

LinkedIn (Oregon)

  • Solution

  • Cooling Capacity 

    •   32kW per rack

  • Efficiency

    •   PUE 1.06

    •   ※Full Economizer Mode

  • Installed number

    •   550(as of now)

  • Inlet Water temp 

    •   20℃




Various solutions/products from all over the world.

Heating &Cooling System

IT Equipment Cooling 

ChilledDoor / CDU


ITC Series(Apiste)


InRow Cooling

(Schneider Electric)

Hot Aisle /Cold Aisle Solution


Cooling Solution

​Brand list we deal with

Motivair / CPI (Chatsworth Products)  / Schneider Electric / Orion / Shinohara Electric / Nitto Kogyo Corporation / Fuji Electric / others

※Please feel free to ask any brand without the list

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