​Data Center Practitioner

DCP is a course that covers basic design knowledge of people involved in system administration / data center operations. From the fundamental question of “why a data center is needed,” it is possible to gain experience in thinking about the location of construction and building considerations with students from various industries involved in data center design.





Students will be certified as DCP if they pass 2 courses of DCDA (Data Center Design Foundation) and EEBP (Energy Saving Best Practice).

Course introduction


Data Center Design Awareness

"Basic of data center design" course

-Fee: 220,000 yen (excluding tax)

DCDA is an entry course to learn the basic knowledge of all elements related to data center design, construction and operation. You can learn the basics of data center related business by learning the basics of layout, cabling, IT / network, cooling, power design etc through lectures, discussions and case studies.


Energy Efficiency Best Practice

Data Center Energy Efficiency Course

-Fee: 168,000 yen (excluding tax)

EEBP is a course dedicated to the most important energy efficiency for data centers. Learn how to use measurement, how to use it, monitor and measure effects, cooling and electricity architecture, sizing, capacity management, worst / best practices, and learn about energy management.

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