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Five features of DCPRO

Best practices adopted by the world's leading companies


Best practices adopted by the world's leading companies

DCPRO is deployed by many of the world's leading companies, including Google, Facebook, IBM, and Amazon. It has been deployed in 24 countries around the world, and more than 12,000 data center personnel have learned so far.

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Recommendation from International Accreditation Body

Recommended by many authoritative international accreditation bodies. We have developed and provided programs that meet the needs of the ever-evolving data center industry, and were certified in 2017 as a recommended training for the Japan Data Center Association (JDCC) as well.

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Globally applicable vendor-free qualification system

DCPRO's career development offers vendor-free certification in two areas: design, and operation.



Data Center Practitioner





​Data Center Specialist

- Design



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​Data Center Specialist

​- Ops




Student participatory group training to learn on an exercise basis

DCPRO Training is more than just lectures. After receiving a lecture from the lecturer, the lecture will proceed while checking the level of understanding with exercises for each major unit. A group exercise where students share their wisdom and work together is a major feature of DCPRO.


Various training menus regardless of the size of the organization

I know my area of responsibility, but I'm not sure about other areas.


I had been concerned for some time about my very biased knowledge and experience with the elements that make up a data center other than my area of expertise in cooling systems, which I am involved in on a daily basis. I was impatient to gain a wide range of knowledge for my years of industry experience when I became a leader in the future.

 However, I can't afford to learn the basics from scratch in the field after all this time. I found and took the DCPRO training course, which offered an intensive, cross-disciplinary approach to all of the data center components.

 I am satisfied with the class because I was able to learn the basics of data center design and various knowledge on energy conservation measures in data centers.

In addition, I discovered new ideas that I hadn't thought of at my company through discussions with other participants from various fields of the industry, which I don't often have the opportunity to do in my day-to-day work.


(Cooling system representative for a major telecommunications company - DCDA class, EEBP class)

I want to "visualize" my experience and knowledge with world class qualifications


I was originally confident in my career based on my previous comprehensive experience around infrastructure equipment.

However, this knowledge has been built up in practice and I have not been able to prove my experience and knowledge in a tangible way until now. That's why I decided to take the DCPRO, which is recognized as an internationally recognized qualification.

 The qualification has allowed me to do justice to my value and, as a result, I've been able to step up to a hyperscalar company in the West.

 The success of the event was also boosted by the fact that we were able to appeal to people with DCPRO certifications, which are well known in Europe and the United States. He is currently tasked with designing and building data centers for a variety of projects.


(Global Data Center Corporate Facilities Architect - DCDA, EEBP, DCPP and DCCP classes)

I want to acquire the minimum knowledge required as a contractor to attract companies


I was recently appointed to be in charge of attracting an active data center to the local area in an effort to develop the local economy.

However, I had no knowledge of data centers and decided to take the DCPRO course because I thought I needed to understand the basics in order to have discussions with clients and contractors.

 I had been learning by myself and collecting various information on the Internet, but I still had my limitations. I was looking for a training curriculum that would allow me to efficiently input basic knowledge in a short period of time, and I found DCPRO.


(Local government officials in charge of business attraction - DCDA class)

I was wondering how I was going to train new employees.


Our business is mainly in the housing and co-location business, and we regularly hire young staff to perform day-to-day operations such as infrastructure construction, cabling, and remote handling.

 However, many of the young people joining the company have no knowledge of infrastructure at all, and until now they have been trained on the job through OJT, but the workload of the people in charge of training in OJT has been limited, and the knowledge level of each staff member has been inconsistent or lacking. We decided to take the DCPRO course because we felt that DCPRO would provide a very systematic way to learn the basics of operations, and we decided to introduce it to the entire company.

After the introduction of DCPRO, we were able to reduce the burden of OJT training within the company, thereby improving operational efficiency and achieving a common level of knowledge among all staff. In addition, we have been able to keep costs down by making good use of educational subsidies.


(Educator for a major data center operator - took a DCTF class)


Learn the best practices adopted by the world's leading companies

By acquiring global, vendor-free qualifications introduced by leading companies worldwide, such as Google, Facebook, IBM, and Amazon, you will be able to put global standards into practice