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In order to prevent the spread of new corona infections (Covid-19), we are currently offering online (virtual training) classes only until the end of June.

We will check with each student who has applied for the course, and if the minimum number of students available to take the course online is reached, the course will be held. 
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

 is a new course this year. The opening date may be changed due to the organizer reason.

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Certified Trainers

Nobuo Sashida

He has over 40 years of experience in the development, design, consulting, and quality assurance of power supply and air-conditioning equipment for both Japanese and foreign companies, and has led the export of Japanese products and the introduction of overseas UPSs and air-conditioning systems into the Japanese market. He is particularly experienced and experienced in data center facility engineering and has deep insight into the characteristics of both domestic and international data centers. He currently works for Schneider Electric Corporation, where he is responsible for all aspects of technology, including data center planning, design, and consulting. He has been a member of the Green Grid Japan Chapter since its inception, and currently serves as a representative of its technical committee. He has appeared at numerous conferences as a key figure in the industry and is a certified engineer in the electrical and electronics sector and the general technical supervision sector.

Hideaki Fujimaki

After retiring from Fujitsu in 2017, he founded Spiral Group Dot Biz, Inc. to focus on advanced technologies to reduce energy consumption in data centers. At the same time, as a professor at the Cyber Media Center, Osaka University, he is engaged in research on Geo replication using cold storage, AI-controlled green data centers, immersion cooling technology, and security interface methods for DC facilities. He is also the leader of the Data Center Operations Guidebook WG at JDCC. He is also a project member of the Ministry of the Environment's CO2 emission reduction demonstration project and is involved in various activities such as the GUTP working group.

Hiroyuki Onishi

After more than 35 years of extensive experience in telecommunications and information processing at NTT, he became the general manager of the data center business in 2006 and launched the data center and cloud business. He was one of the first companies in Japan to participate in the green grid and built a PUE 1.3 data center in 2009. Since then, we have built and operated a number of energy-saving data centers, including outdoor air conditioning and immersion cooling. He is a member of the management committee of OCP Japan and Japan Data Center Corporation (JDCC), actively participates in Green Grid, Green University of Tokyo ICT Project (GUTP), ASPIC, and is the leader of JDCC/GUTP's Server Room Energy Saving Guidebook WG.


From application to attendance to completion

Applications for training in data centers are accepted from the web. The flow from the course to the end of the course is as follows.

Introduction of grant utilization

For planned personnel training

"Human resource development support subsidy" is a system that is subsidized to employers who carry out vocational training etc. stepwise and systematically in order to effectively promote the development of vocational skills of workers. You may be able to receive subsidies for wages, such as training expenses. Please confirm the details from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website.



Ideal for leveling skills within teams, departments, etc., and for training newcomers


In addition to our regular group training classes, we also offer discounted group training plans for companies. In the corporate group plan, we will go to the customer's place to provide training at a time that suits the customer's convenience, regardless of the location throughout Japan.

The cost of the course is also lower than the regular course.

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