Apiste ITC series

ITC Series Product Overview

 Apiste ITC Series has lineup of rack-mounted and stand-alone types. It is a product designed as a local cooling system for rack mount servers. The two methods are mounting on the U space and mounting on the ceiling of the rack. ITC supports 24/7 operations in your small server room. In addition, it can be used as a solution that supports local cooling and reduces the suction temperature of the servers. Furthermore, the ITC achieves non-drain operation by incorporating a special vaporization filter.


  • No need for outdoor unit and piping work

  • No electrical work required * Use for general AC100 V power plug

  • Allows local cooling of the server inlet

  • Non-drain design

  • Significantly reduced electricity costs compared to general packaged air conditioners

  • Constant monitoring of server suction temperature with temperature sensor
    ※ Only rack mount type


ITC Series Specifications

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