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DC ASIA provides customers with solutions tailored to their needs and environment, based on global standard design guidelines, standards and concepts of power equipment

Power efficiency measures that will become more important in the future

In recent years, with advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning, shopping on the Web, and the use of music services, the amount of data being handled worldwide has increased. With the development of Internet technology and the evolution of various sensor technologies, the IoT era will come such as the buildings, cars and even small devices connect  to the Internet, and traffic volume is expected to triple in just 5 years from 2015 to 2020.(by Cisco)

With the increase of data, the "amount of electricity" required for data processing is also increasing year by year. Data center operators and person who involved in server room design and operation are asked for how to efficiently distribute electricity, which is the power source of IT equipment, with in-depth knowledge and wisdom adapted to the current trends.

DC ASIA supports the selection and provision of products tailored to customer needs. We will propose a wide range of projects, such as projects that are difficult to meet with conventional design concepts and technologies, and examination of new technologies such as large capacity PDUs and UPS, which are being used overseas.

​Availability Design Guidelines of Power System

For IT managers, considering electricity is sometime very difficult. The reality is that they do not know what level of availability they should consider for their IT equipment, and accordingly what kind of equipment design they should do specifically. As they do not know well, there are many companies satisfied with using UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) bundled at the time of purchasing the server for each server. Also, in recent years, it has become more common to store servers stored the in data centers, but cost and area (place) are regarded as important when selecting data centers at that time. The data center's facility requirements seem to be just looking at it, often not compared. In fact, regardless of the size of the data center, the availability level is different for each data center site. It is very important to understand the power supply equipment that will drive IT that will become even more important in the future.

In Japan, guidelines that are generally considered as a reference are the following power supply guidelines from the Japan Data Center Association (JDCC) and the Uptime Institute of the US. It is just a guideline, but depending on the importance of your IT equipment, it is important to consider N + 1 configuration and 2N configuration etc as a BCP measure.


At DC ASIA, we offer proposals with the appropriate TCO to achieve availability that meets your needs.


Source: Published by Japan Data Center Association(JDCC) "Data Center Facility Standard JDCC FS-001 Ver.2.3 <Digest edition>"

Source: Uptime Institute, Tier Requirement Summary


Providing services that meet customer needs and environment

Design Consulting

Experienced consultants suggest the best solution according to customer's problems, needs, scale and operation

Professional Service

Construction of a power supply system by a skilled engineer

 - Installation

 - Start up

 - Commissioning

After Support

Aftercare for customers to use the system for a long time

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  • Requirements

    • Space saving /  N+1 redundancy

    • Densified housing load

    • Correspondence to dual power reception

    • Quick Delivery

  • Solution

    • Space saving and N+1 redundancy achieved with the Schneider Electric Symmetra PX

    • Load distribution by the expansion stand

    • Domestic production-delivery of input switching board with short delivery time

Medical equipment manufacturer

  • Requirements

    • Lack of power supply designer

    • Lack of know-how in selecting equipment

    • Short delivery time

  • Solution

    • Design support by expert of DC ASIA (consulting)

    • Best equipment selection from market products by DC ASIA experts

    • DOA (defect confirmation) and network setting before delivery




Handling of products accepted by the market


Symmetra UPS series

(Schneider Electric)


Power connector / receptacle

List of handling manufacturers

AMERICAN DENKI / Fuji Electric / Mitsubishi Electric / Yamato Electric / ABB / ABL / ATEN / AUSTIN HUGHES / Eaton / GEIST / Hubbell / LEVITON / PDI(Power Dynamics) / Server Technology / Thomas & Betts (Russellstoll含む) / Schneider Electric / Vertiv (include Emerson, Avocent brand)


* In addition, please also inquire about the other overseas products that are difficult to procure in Japan.

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