Design and selection of optimal racks and accessories

The rack environment in which server and network devices are installed is not simply a matter of selecting a rack that meets the standard.

DC ASIA's expert know-how will help you select and improve racks and accessories according to your needs and environment. We also offer solutions to improve the rack environment such as thermal problems.

Cost improvement by reviewing rack environment

Selection of racks and accessories is also very important when designing a server room. Even small parts compared to large-capacity electrical equipment and air-conditioning equipment can be achieved by the improvement of operating costs through minor efforts.

For example, by arranging the wiring in the rack or installing a panel at a part where no device is mounted, the flow of air (warm air / cold air) can be kept constant, and the cost for air conditioning can be reduced.

Not only daily operation improvement but also room design for future risks are required of server room operators. It is required to take appropriate measures, assuming “expenses spent on risk measures” and “damage to disasters such as earthquakes” including redundancy of data.

Money is indispensable for such operational improvement and risk measures, but it is not impossible to solve with a little knowledge and ingenuity, not spending on dark clouds. First of all, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


From design consulting to post support

Design Consulting

Experienced consultants suggest the best solution according to customer's problems, needs, scale and operation


We cope flexibly from new installation of mounts and seismic isolation equipment to transfer of existing facilities

After Support

Post support  after hand-over the system


Medical institution

  • Solution

    • Provided from consulting in server room to product procurement and maintenance service

    • Also proposed equipment relocation work from the existing server room collectively

    • Construction in a very short time (about 3 months from consultation)

  • Main delivery products

    • Cooler mounted rack

      • Kawamura CoolRackⅡ

    • Seismic isolation system

      • Yakumo "ServerUtena"

Our Customer's Examples


Handling of products accepted by the market

Server Rack

​Network Rack

Rack Accessories

Seismic isolation system

Wiring materials

Handling maker example

Ideal Brain / Kawamura / Settsu / Nitto / Human / Yakumo etc.

CPI (Chatsworth Products) / Rittal / Schneider Electric / Panduit

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