Stable service delivery" depends on IT system operation

 From customer-facing services to internal portal sites, users can use services "anytime, anywhere, as a matter of course". The role of system operations is now more important than ever. 

The importance of "system operation" under review

Our lives are no longer possible without IT technology. From keeping in touch with friends and family through communication apps to shopping online, IT has penetrated our society and has been integrated into our living systems.


 While the world has become convenient, the impact caused by a system failure is also enormous. The role of the server room data center is becoming more and more important as the growth of a company requires the stable delivery of services.


 IT professionals are expected to provide a steady stream of services without bringing down the system, but there is also no escaping the proposition of reducing operational costs. In addition, today, there is a need to flexibly respond to changes in society, such as improvements in the capabilities of cloud technology and IT equipment, disaster risks such as earthquakes and heavy rains, and enhanced corporate compliance with global warming and environmental measures.


 At DC ASIA, our experience in server room consultancy and our non-manufacturer position allows us to listen to your challenges and provide you with the best solution. Whether it's server room design, relocation, system review, product procurement, or educational program offerings, feel free to contact us.

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Server room design consultation, product procurement and maintenance services.
Server room challenges are diverse.

A server room contains a wide variety of components, from functions such as air conditioning systems, power supply systems, IT networks, and security to design, construction, and operation, so it is necessary to build an environment in which the entire system interacts and operates comfortably.

At DC ASIA, we take on a wide range of tasks on a one-off basis.

DC ASIA offers the above solutions to meet your needs, from server room design, equipment procurement and implementation through to subsequent scheduled maintenance and technical support. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.



  We will consult with you on your "energy conservation measures" for various purposes and from various angles.


  In response to the fast-growing evolution of IT, we are developing a training business to develop human resources.


 We procure power products such as large-capacity PDUs and UPSs, cooling products, three-phase connectors and other parts, and a wide range of other commercial materials.


  We can offer the best air conditioning solution for you.


  We can visualize equipment capacity, reduce waste of equipment and energy, and improve operational efficiency.


 We offer server room design, product procurement, and maintenance services for office relocations to meet your needs. 


  We propose appropriate countermeasures for the stable operation of the system, assuming the cost of risk countermeasures and the damage caused.


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  • Issue

    • Realize a space-saving power supply system that takes N+1 redundancy into account

    • Save space, Need a design that can withstand the load of the floor

    • Build in a short period of time

  • Solution

    • Two-system input switchboard

    • UPS (N+1)

    • System Distribution Board

    • - Rack Type Distribution Board

    • The extended stand supports the load-bearing capacity

    • We coordinated with the manufacturer and achieved construction in a very short period of time, from order placement to construction in about two months


Medical institution

  • Issue

    • Looking for a client for IT equipment relocation and cabling restoration

    • Since the building's air conditioning system is shut down at night, we need to deal with rack exhaust heat.

    • Constructed a new system that takes earthquake risk into accoun

    • Build an environment to monitor and detect temperature anomalies.

    • The above issues to be collectively undertaken and resolved.

  • Solution

    • Cooler Mounted Racks

    • Seismic isolation device

    • ​Environmental monitoring equipment

    • Server and cable relocation work


City hall

  • Issue

    • In charge of a server room relocation project and want to gather information that I can use during design.

    • Looking for a way to train operational personnel

  • Solution

    • ​DCPRO - DCTF Course

      • Basic Course for Operations Engineers


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